aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area
aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area
aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area
aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area
aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area
aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area

aG Trainer Pro Center Strike

aG Trainer Pro Dual Hitting Area 
• 1 Year aG Trainer Subscription - to be renewed annually 
• aG 3Trak Software and Patented 3Trak Launch Monitor 
• aG Update Center Software • High Definition Laser Projection System 
• Custom Built High Performance aG Computer 
• 23 Inch High Resolution Touchscreen
• Frame Enclosure or Hardwall Components 
• aG Custom Rackmount Enclosure with Glass Door & Active Cooling 
• Power Conditioning & Power Surge Suppression 
• Soundbar and Powered Subwoofer • Premium Quality Video & Data Cables 
• Dual Purpose Impact & Projection Screen 
• 1 1/4" One Putt Turf Flooring System 
• Premium Ball Striking & Stance Mats 
• Ceiling Baffles, Screen Carpets & Impact Padding 
• aG Design Services providing Build-To drawings and Dimensions 
• 4 Dozen Premium Balls 
• Tee Kits 
• Installation included

**CLIENT AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS & CONDITIONS** aG RIGHT HANDED ONLY SIMULATOR: 12'-0" WIDE x 18'-6" LONG x 9'-6" HIGH. MAX IMAGE SIZE: 10'-6" WIDE x 6'-7" HIGH [16:10 ASPECT RATIO]. 1. aboutGOLF RECOMMENDS 10'-0" MINIMUM SIMULATOR WIDTH, 9'-6" MINIMUM SIMULATOR HEIGHT, 18" MINIMUM CLEARANCE BEHIND THE SCREEN, 6" ALONG THE SIDES AND ABOVE THE TOP OF THE SIMULATOR, AND 7'-0" MINIMUM SWING CLEARANCE BEHIND THE TEE. DISTANCES BELOW THESE MINIMUMS MUST BE DISCUSSED WITH THE aG DESIGN TEAM. 2. THE TOP OF THE SIMULATOR ENCLOSURE CAN BE MADE OF NET MATERIAL IF SPRINKLERS ARE LOCATED ABOVE THE SIMULATOR - CLIENT TO ADVISE. 3. CLIENT TO PROVIDE FLOORING TRANSITION AT END OF TURF. 4. SIMULATOR REQUIRES (1) DUPLEX RECEPTACLE AT THE COMPUTER CABINET LOCATION - MUST BE WIRED TO A DEDICATED 20 AMP CIRCUIT. SIMULATOR REQUIRES A DATA PORT FOR HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION AT THE COMPUTER CABINET LOCATION. 5. CLIENT TO PROVIDE LIGHT BLOCKING SHADES FOR ALL WINDOWS IN SIMULATOR AREA. 6. aboutGOLF Global Inc. denies any liability or responsibility to Client or to its owners, directors, managers, employees, agents, licensees or invitees for damage to or replacement of the simulator components or other personal or real property, or bodily injury, or any other costs associated with the self installation of the golf simulator. Client hereby releases all claims and shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify aboutGOLF Global Inc. from claims, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, losses and expenses, whether to property or persons, due to the self installation of the golf simulator according to Client's Owned installation.
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